Monday, February 11, 2013

[English Subbed] Swordsman Episode 1

This was done as a new year gift to a friend and I thought I might as well post it up. Despite all my misgivings, I actually enjoyed the first episode of Swordsman. Though our main character haven't even shown up yet, so we'll just see how things go. I was most impressive with Chen Qiao En. She definitely portray the aura of Dongfang Bai well, despite being a woman. Yuan Shan Shan's performance wasn't that bad either, but, in the episode, she was playing Ren Ying Ying's mother, which, in my opinion, is a simpler character. My biggest gripe would have to be the portrayal of Yue Buqun and Ning Zhongze. He was showing his hypocritical side too obviously. How could his wife still thinks that he was "the gentleman of all gentlemen?" I mean, his actions just screamed, "I'm a two sided bastard!" Anyway, I find it more enjoyable to watch this drama without associating it with the novel. I have a feeling that I will be shipping Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bai, and I need to see the latter as Chen Qiao En instead of a creepy he-she. What does everyone think of the series so far?

Watch with English Subtitles below the cut

I'm just uploading it on Youtube for now, but if anyone wants to download it, then just leave a comment. Also, before anyone asks, I don't know if I'm going to sub the next episodes. Like I said, this first episode was done as a gift to a friend. I might not continue on, especially if there are others subbing it. If I do decide to sub the next episodes, you'll see it posted here first.

P.S. Please don't reupload this anywhere else. If the link is broken, then I will reupload myself.


  1. Hi! I was wondering if maybe you'd be interested in subbing this over at Viki? I know you're not sure if you'll continue subbing this but maybe with a group of subbers it'll be less work for you? & there won't be as much obligation if you're feeling stress out about subbing~ here is the link if you are interested and just want to look at it first
    & thank you for subbing the first episode!! (:

  2. thank you for subbing chenguang.
    I need to watch more ep before comments but yes I’m absolutely fascinated with DFBB the most, Qiao En looks elegance. dangerous and have the charisma

    looking forward to see more episodes, dou xie!

  3. thanks for doing the sub... is it correct that the video is only 18.55 min long?

  4. I hope you would sub it but I know it's hard work. I'm not trying to be mean but I don't think you should work with viki unless you really want to sub it because from the comments that I've read, alot of people are irritated and decided to quit because they didn't like the person in charge, I might be wrong.

    1. not a person. they don't like the system they have to use to add the subtitles.

  5. yes it is only 18 minutes, because its Hunan TV version. They have another version, which is DVD version with no cut and about 45 mins/ep, this version don't have any TV logo.

    hey I think the problem in viki is not The Manager, but about the new setting, something about new beta setting that's quite hard to handle compare to the usual one.

  6. Thanks for subbing!

    This is great. I thought about watching this wuxia but still couldn't find time to search through online properly. This wuxia look so promising!

  7. plz sub more! thank you

  8. hello! thank you for subbing the first three episodes looking forward for you to sub the rest :))

  9. first, thank you. i have watched till episode 3. i will be waiting for other episodes.

  10. first .. i would like to thank you for ur sub..

    enjoyed this first episode with ur sub..make me decide to watch the full series .. and i love it very much..

    agree with u that...Chen Qiao En really done a great job as DFBB..the other one that really good is han dong...i so hate him from BBJX and now i like him in this series..he has done great job on both

    thank you again for ur sub...really waiting for ur next sub... :-)


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  12. lol all the episode are all broken up

  13. hi can you upload the whole drama with english subbed so that i can download it.\tnx a lot

  14. hi
    tanx 4 good subs
    where can i download subtitles ??

  15. wowww...its sooosooo nice I will watch more
    TQ for subbing it ^^