Thursday, February 14, 2013

[English Subbed] Swordsman Episode 2

I'm still not committing to this project. It's just I had some free time and subbing is so much easier than translating as it only contains dialogues. I think I'm just going to take this one episode at a time. If I have time, I'll continue, but my main priority is still Hua Xu Yin. I don't really plan on joining any subbing team as I don't want to make a commitment unless I could stick to it. Also, I don't have the time or desire to learn how to use new softwares. For those who needs subtitles to watch this, I saw at least one other subbing team subbing this (besides Viki), so don't worry. Just a note, I'm using the TV version, which is cut/edit differently from the DVD version, but, from what I saw so far, there's really no other differences or additional scenes.

In this episode, we finally get a glimpse of our hero. I enjoyed the playful, carefree vibes as shown in the picture above. It's still too early to judge Wallace Huo right now, but I believe in him. I'm hoping for a great portrayal of Yue Lingshan, as other adaptations only showed her as a spoiled, annoying princess. I want to see the side which made Linghu Chong fell in love with her. I don't know much about Yang Rong as an actress, but I have faith in her. Chen Qiao En continues to impress me and I love the part where she "flirts" with Elder Xiang. I could see why he's freaked out. Overall, this episode was alright, though I think I like the first one better. Maybe it's because my expectations are higher now.

Episode is below the cut

This episode is 45 minutes long, more than double the length of the first one. It definitely took more time to sub, though the longest part was the encoding. 6 hours! Of course Youtube takes another 3 hours to upload it. But I want to retain all the pretty in HQ so it can't be help. For those who wants to know, this finishes the entire DVD version of episode 1 plus about 20 minutes of episode 2.


  1. Thanks for the subs!! (:
    May I know who's the other fansubbers you're talking about? I want to support everyone!! :D

  2. I second the motion! I wish to know too if you don't mind.

  3. Hi, I really think you should keep subbing this series. You sub so fast, like the anime subbers. How did you guys learn to sub? Do you speak and understand chinese? do you guys like watch scene over n over to time the subbing right to synch with the lips etc? but still its really cool that your subbing the series fast, just hope you keep doing it since i don't really like watching khmer dubbed version.

  4. Between this and HXY, I think HXY needs more love. :P

    I'm actually enjoying this show (very very addictive). I'm just treating it as an alternative universe fanfiction here. It's not worth the bother of being a canon hardass with a Yumama production. :D

    Wallace is absolute love as LHC and I do think this is his most enjoyable role to date (he actually shows human expressions!). Not enjoying CQE as much because she makes me think crazy woman more than scary evil overlord most of the time.