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[Fanfic] Bu Bu Jing Xin II Prologue

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This isn't a Bu Bu Jing Xin dedicated blog, I swear. It's just I'm still obsessed with the drama so I need to get all this out of my system. After seeing the disappointing synopsis of Bu Bu Jing Qin, I felt the urge to start my fanfic again. I actually have several chapters done, but I just never posted them. Anyway, please just take this as a rambling of a fangirl.


“Do I know you?”
I stood there, shell-shocked, unable to move as tears streamed endlessly down my cheeks. He looked at me, flustered, and patted his clothes, obviously looking for something to dry my tears. When it was clear he had nothing, he stared at me awkwardly for a moment longer, then started walking away. I stared after him. Him turning away from me, his back as he walked out of my life, possibly forever; it was all too familiar, all too crushing. I couldn’t, physically couldn’t, watched him leave again, yet my eyes refused to look away, refusing to relinquish what might be their last image of him. I slowly raised my arms and took my glasses off. Perhaps the blurriness of the scene would reduce the pain. Suddenly he stopped walking. I held my breath. Will you look back? Just one more glance? Liked I wanted you to the last time we saw each other? He turned slightly. My heart stopped beating. But he only hesitated for a second before walking away again. I bit my lips from crying out. Of course, of course, he would leave. He doesn’t know me, doesn’t love me.  Even when he did love me, he left, refusing to see me for the last time.  No, a cruel voice in my head
whispered, he refused to see you because he didn’t love you. He didn’t love you then, doesn’t love you now. The thought overwhelmed me and I collapsed to the ground, pain crippling my body. My heart laid broken on the floor next to me, shattered like the first magnolia hairpin he gave me centuries ago. The magnolia hairpin. A thought tugged at the corner of my mind and I grasped onto it, pushing everything else away. Mustering all of my strength, I stood up, put on my glasses, and went over to the painting that proved my, Maertai Ruoxi’s, existence. I knew this scene. It was after I ended things with Eight prince, after I opened my heart to Fourth prince, before it all fell apart. That day, I have made a new dessert for the Emperor and the princes, delighting them all. All but one. A ghost of a smile flitted across my lips as I remembered the look on Fourth prince’s face when he realized that his dessert was filled with salt. The normally cool and composed Fourth prince was actually caught off guard and had to work to control his expression.  Fresh tears sprung in my eyes but I impatiently blinked them away. I needed to see this clearly. The painting was incredibly detailed, from the clothing patterns to the furniture carvings, all was depicted perfectly. Except for one thing. My fingers lightly traced the magnolia hairpin over the glass. I was not wearing the hairpin that day. Before Fourth prince became emperor, the only time I wore the hairpin was when I asked him to marry me. Why then, did the hairpin appear here? For the painting to be so detailed, it had to have been described by someone who was there at the time. If that was the case, it must have been Fourth prince. Only he and I knew the significance of the hairpin. But why? I closed my eyes in frustration. Why did you do that? You hated me. So why? Why include the symbol of our love in this painting? My eyes flew opened. The answer suddenly became so obvious in my head that it was amazing I didn’t see it earlier. He didn’t hate me. He loved me. That’s why he did it. That was his way of telling me. He loved me. My fingers touched his face over the glass.
“You love me,” I whispered
The truth of the simple statement coursed through my body and relief flooded my heart, along with both joy and bitterness.
“You love me,” I repeated
How could I have thought otherwise? He was Fourth prince, my Fourth prince. As much as he hated, he loved infinitely more. He would never, could never, have forgotten me. But then what happened? Why didn’t you come? As soon as the question entered my mind, I pushed it away. It was no longer important. He loved me. That was all that mattered. I smiled through my tears as my fingers caressed his face.
“I love you,” I whispered
Those were my last words as Maertai Ruoxi.

A/N: Well, that's it for the prologue. I'll post chapter 1 soon : )


  1. O my God... Your explanation in how Ruo Xi's feeling is perfect.... I cry...

  2. Posters throughout the chapters... Kudos and my sincere admiration to authors. They are amazing and they really set one into the right mindset /mood.